you searching for something new but not quite sure what? Do you trawl the internet looking for career and/or training inspiration? Or perhaps you are in a job that does little to satisfy or stimulate you?

The majority of people, at some stage in their careers, feel unsatisfied. But if these feelings of discontentment have started to consume many of your waking hours, it might be time to do something proactive about fixing it. If you think you’re in the wrong career, you’re not alone. Many people know deep down that something needs to change, but are unsure where to start in order to change direction. There are many free online resources that can help you narrow down your options, so this month we’ve provided a summary of some of our favourites.

1. – This is a comprehensive national career information system to help individuals identify different career options by analysing their skills, interests, values and aspirations. It is a great resource for people of all ages, at any stage in their career – from those just starting out to older people seeking new directions. It also provides information on current job market trends, as well as detailed information describing different careers, comprehensive study and training options, advice for people re-entering the workforce after a break, and assistance for mature age workers and people with specific needs.

2. – In addition to listing open positions all around Australia, as well as many countries around the world, SEEK provides separate sections on courses, volunteering opportunities and businesses for sale. You can quickly and easily set up job alerts to ensure you don’t miss any viable opportunities and you also have the option to establish a personal profile which can be viewed by potential employers who then make contact with you.

3. – This site contains broad and comprehensive information on Australian universities and other higher education providers. You can search on thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate accredited courses and compare details such as fees and entry requirements across institutions. It also allows you to search for and compare universities based on teaching performance, results, student satisfaction etc.

4. – Community Colleges Australia is the peak body representing and providing services to community owned, not-for-profit education and training providers. There are community colleges in local areas right across Australia that provide short courses to introduce you to an area of interest without requiring significant investment of time or money. These courses can provide a great ‘taster’ to see if you might enjoy pursuing more formal or in depth training in that area.

5. – This is one of many varied industry specific sites available. AMMA Skills Connect has developed a ‘jobseeker guide to the resources industry’ which was created through extensive research of various sources from the Australian Government, AMMA, and the mining, resources, construction and related industries. It provides unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled jobseekers looking for opportunities within the resources, related construction and allied services industries, with information about engaging in both training and employment pathways.

6. – If all else fails, do a Google search! There are so many resources on training and career advice available at a national, state and local level. It’s worth spending some time researching to find out what’s available to you in your particular area.

Are you unhappy with your job? Are you searching for the right career but unsure which path to take? Perhaps you are confused about which course to study? The important thing to remember is that life is too short to stay in a job you hate! Take the first steps today to securing a career you love.

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