Psychometric Testing Service

Are you recruiting a new employee?

Would you like to conduct psychometric testing?

Are you looking for a quick online service?

If so, you have come to the right place!

Our Australia-based online Psychometric Testing Service is designed to help you identify the best person for the job from a pool of candidates. Online psychometric testing and pre-employment screening assessments provide an objective method of assessing candidates and determining the suitability of an applicant for a position. They enable you to gain a deeper insight into a candidate’s skills and abilities and reduce your recruitment costs by making better hiring decisions.

Our online psychometric testing service allows you to:

  • Compare candidates’ mental aptitude and cognitive abilities
  • Predict candidates’ ability to learn quickly and think on abstract and conceptual levels
  • Predict candidates’ performance on a wide variety of job tasks
  • Determine whether candidates have the right personality fit for a position
  • Assess candidates’ customer service aptitude
  • Predict candidates’ future sales performance.

We offer high-quality online psychometric testing services across Australia, using reputable assessment tools including:

  • Work Personality Index
  • Aptitude Testing – Verbal, Numerical, Abstract and Mechanical Reasoning
  • Customer Service / Sales Profiling

*All our psychometric tests are online-based. We offer a fast turnaround time.

To enquire about our psychometric testing service, please contact us:

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“We have engaged Katie Roberts Career Consulting over the past 3 years for psychometric testing. The feedback provided is invaluable in the engagement of our new team members, as well as engaging existing team members and a development tool. Katie and her team are always willing to discuss any queries over the results and provide insights into behaviours and aptitude.”

Cheryl Guthrie
Manager, Business Services
Cold Logic