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Our Australia-based online Psychometric Testing Services are designed to help you identify the best person for the job from a pool of candidates. Psychometric testing services and pre-employment screening assessments provide an objective method of assessing candidates and determining the suitability of an applicant for a position. They enable you to gain a deeper insight into a candidate’s skills and abilities and reduce your recruitment costs by making better hiring decisions.

Our online psychometric testing services allow you to:

  • Compare candidates’ mental aptitude and cognitive abilities
  • Predict candidates’ ability to learn quickly and think on abstract and conceptual levels
  • Predict candidates’ performance on a wide variety of job tasks
  • Determine whether candidates have the right personality fit for a position
  • Assess candidates’ customer service aptitude
  • Predict candidates’ future sales performance.

We offer high-quality online psychometric testing services across Australia, using reputable assessment tools that assess personality traits, sales potential, customer service aptitude, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning and mechanical reasoning.

As part of our psychometric testing service, we offer the following assessment tools:

(1) Work Personality Index

The Work Personality Index (WPI) measures personality traits that directly influence a person’s work performance and task effectiveness. The WPI measures 21 personality traits that indicate how people work with others, approach their tasks, solve problems, manage change and deal with stress. These traits include ambition, initiative, energy, leadership, flexibility, persistence, attention to detail, rule-following, dependability, teamwork, concern for others, outgoing, democratic, innovation, analytical thinking, self-control, stress tolerance, social confidence, multi-tasking, planning and persuasion. It also includes two special scales – managerial and leadership potential, and sales potential.

(2) Customer Service Aptitude Profile

The Customer Service Aptitude Profile assesses 18 traits that are required to achieve success in both customer service and sales roles including motivation, goal orientation, planning, sales disposition, sales closing, initiative – cold calling, initiative – general, achievement, competitiveness, assertiveness, team player, managerial, cooperativeness, self-confidence, diplomacy, patience, relaxed style and extraversion. The report identifies the person’s strengths, potential strengths and areas for development.

(3) The MAS Business Fundamentals (Standard)

The MAS Business Fundamentals (Standard) is ideal for general staff selection. It is used to assess a person’s learning and problem solving potential, their basic mathematical ability and their understanding of simple and complex words used in communication. It compares the results of test-takers to Non-Degree Qualified people and assesses Working Memory, Vocabulary and Mental Arithmetic.

(4) The MAS Business Fundamentals (Advanced)

The MAS Business Fundamentals (Advanced) is ideal for professional/managerial testing. It is used to identify people who have high level problem solving potential, a good understanding of financial concepts and well developed English language knowledge. It compares the results of test-takers to Degree-Qualified people and assesses Working Memory, Vocabulary and Financial Reasoning.

(5) Abstract Reasoning Test

The Abstract Reasoning Test assesses a person’s general intellect and ability to understand new concepts and abstract ideas, rather than testing their prior knowledge. It measures their fluid intelligence, which is related to the ability to understand complex concepts, quickly solve problems, rapidly learn new skills and grasp the bigger picture. This test assesses a person’s ability to identify relationships, patterns and similarities between shapes and figures.

(6) Mechanical Reasoning Test

The Mechanical Reasoning Test assesses a person’s ability to solve problems that require an understanding of mechanical ideas. It measures their understanding of very basic principles of physics and mechanics, visualising the movement of objects through space, and understanding cause-effect relationships between mechanical components. The items cover a wide range of content including wheels, gears, clamps, levers, sliding rods, shafts, pulleys, weights, conveyor belts, fixed and non-fixed pivots, and springs.

*All our psychometric tests are online-based. We offer a fast turnaround time.

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“We have engaged Katie Roberts Career Consulting over the past 3 years for psychometric testing. The feedback provided is invaluable in the engagement of our new team members, as well as engaging existing team members and a development tool. Katie and her team are always willing to discuss any queries over the results and provide insights into behaviours and aptitude.”

Cheryl Guthrie
Manager, Business Services
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