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  • katie-roberts

    Katie Roberts


    With over 20 years' experience in the career counselling industry, Katie established Katie Roberts Career Consulting in 2002. Since then, she and her team have provided consulting services for thousands of individuals and organisations across Australia and overseas.

    Katie has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology & Management) from the University of Wollongong and spent part of her degree studying at Indiana University in the United States on a scholarship program. Upon graduating, she moved to London where she worked as a Recruitment Consultant for TMP Worldwide (now known as Hudson), one of the world's largest recruitment agencies.

    Katie is the author of the Career Interests Profiler and the Career Personality Profiler, two assessments she developed to help people make informed career choices. She has appeared on National Nine News, A Current Affair and New Idea TV as well as featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Sun Herald, The Age, CareerOne, Ninemsn, Cleo, Madison, Marie Claire, Women's Health, Dolly, Girlfriend and Real Living magazine. Katie is an accredited MBTI® Practitioner and a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia.

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  • verena-moroz

    Helen Moroz

    Client Services Manager

    Helen proudly offers more than 30 years’ experience across a broad range of industries including marketing, retail and sales environments and is dedicated to delivering high quality administration support, customer service and consultancy guidance to each and every client.

    She is passionate about actively listening to individual requests and using her broad industry insight, which involves recruitment experience, to help clients determine the most appropriate consulting solution for their specific needs. This includes providing information and quotations in relation to LinkedIn profile and resume writing services such as cover letters, resumes and selection criteria responses as well as university and government applications.

    Helen is only too happy to help you understand what our professional consultants have to offer to help you market and promote yourself to the best of your ability in this constantly evolving and highly competitive marketplace. Why not give Helen a call today and see how you can secure your footing on the next rung of your career ladder?

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  • anna-fleming

    Anna Fleming

    Career Consultant

    With over 10 years’ experience in recruitment and executive search, career advice and resume writing, Anna has worked with individuals at all levels of seniority across a broad range of industries in Australia and overseas.

    She is truly passionate about career counselling and highly committed to assisting clients at various stages of their careers. Anna is strongly consultative in her approach and sees transparency, openness and clear communication as keys to success. Her friendly and professional manner makes her easy and enjoyable to work with. In client consultations, Anna seeks to establish an environment where clients feel comfortable and have the confidence to engage in productive conversations about their careers, potential hurdles and future aspirations. She places great emphasis on client empowerment and positive communication, and actively supports clients in identifying and recognising their personal interests, strengths, values, skills and competencies.

    With her background in recruitment and executive search, Anna is well placed to provide advice also on job search strategies, interview preparation and techniques, LinkedIn profiles and resumes. Anna holds a Graduate Diploma in Careers Education and Development and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing).

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  • diana-lim

    Diana Lim

    Career Consultant

    Passionate about career development, transition and fulfilment, Diana brings a wealth of professional and personal experience to assist clients on their career journey.

    She helps them navigate all stages of the career decision-making model, from increasing self- awareness of skills, interests, values and contribution, to exploring career options and evaluating occupations that derives a decision. Diana also provides practical assistance with job search, resume writing, interview training and LinkedIn coaching.

    Diana has successfully career transitioned several times. She began her career with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), providing professional business services to clients across multiple industries including Banking, Telecommunications, Energy and Mining, Manufacturing and Government. As Senior Associate, Diana was responsible for the professional and personal development of her Associate peers. Migration to Australia provided an opportunity to career transition into the Information Technology industry (Info Tech Accounting Pty Ltd). Beginning in Help Desk Support, Diana progressed to Senior Lead Consultant for clients within Manufacturing, Health Products and Real Estate. As Senior Lead Consultant, Diana represented all consultants within the Management Team – promoting their professional development, progression and success.

    Diana holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce and Administration (NZ BCA), a Bachelor Degree in Science (NZ BSc), a Diploma in Life Coaching (LCIA - Career Coaching) and is a Chartered Accountant (CA, ICANZ). Diana is an Accredited Professional Coach within the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching (ANZIC) and an Associate Member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA).

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  • Judith-Uhlmann-original-e1502696403895

    Judith Uhlmann

    Career Consultant

    Judith is a Certified Professional HR Consultant and Organisational Psychologist, and has completed a postgraduate qualification in Career Development at RMIT.

    She has more than 20 years of experience working in a wide cross-section of industries in Australia, Asia-Pacific, and in Europe. Born in Switzerland, she was professionally trained in corporate finance and banking, and upon emigrating to Australia, commenced a career in HR. She went on to develop a successful international career working for a variety of companies including global top 50 corporations, government, not-for-profit organisations and small businesses.

    Judith’s HR management and Talent development experience as a specialist recruiter and executive coach, gives her a real edge in helping her clients successfully navigate today’s job market. As a career transitions coach, she inspires her clients to leverage their unique strengths and capabilities, initiate manageable action steps, and sustain positive momentum and motivation. Her resourceful and hands-on collaboration with job search, resume writing, interview training and LinkedIn branding has her clients feel confident about their value and contribution to the workplace. Her approach is empathetic and goal-focused and she is passionate about empowering purposeful living and career fitness.

    Judith is a member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and an accredited administrator of the MBTI/Golden Profiler.

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  • Chrissy De Blasis

    Career Consultant

    Chrissy is a qualified, experienced and certified Career Practitioner, with extensive experience in the Career Development, Recruitment and Employment industries.

    This includes consulting for some of Australia’s leading Career Development organisations, as well as the Department of Education & Training’s My Career Insights Program.

    Highly skilled at understanding the key factors involved in successful career development, the Australian job market, and how to amplify an individual’s impact in the market, she has helped thousands of Australian and international clients across all stages of their career journeys.

    Chrissy is passionate about making a positive contribution to each client she works with and through her warm and down to earth nature, she supports and empowers her clients to make meaningful and informed career and study decisions so they can live their best life.

    Her credentials include a Graduate Certificate in Careers Education & Development, Bachelor of Science (Organisational Psychology) (Honours), Morrisby Certified Profile User and professional membership with the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA).

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  • belinda-fuller

    Belinda Fuller

    Resume Writer

    With a background in marketing communications and corporate writing, Belinda appreciates the need to approach each resume and job application with fresh eyes.

    She is an expert at drawing out your skills and experience and tailoring them to produce a personalised Resume ideally suited to the position(s) you wish to apply for. She also has a good understanding of the process involved in preparing Selection Criteria for government positions.

    With experience gained over 15+ years, Belinda has achieved significant success in a variety of roles and projects covering direct marketing (both print and online); conference management; research and writing numerous brochures, flyers and newsletters; general communications strategies and website production and management. Her experience has enabled her to develop a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge as well as the ability to effectively convey a technical message through effective copywriting.

    Belinda's approach to resume production and specific job applications is to work directly with the client to establish individual requirements with special focus on drawing out your achievements to demonstrate success and potential value to a prospective employer.

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  • catherine-chadevski

    Catherine Chadevski

    Resume Writer

    With a passion for writing and nearly 10 years experience in the corporate field as a Communication Specialist, Catherine has provided communication consultancy to people from all levels of management.

    She has extensive experience writing, proof-reading, editing and analysing gaps in various communication mediums including business updates, reports and presentations, newsletters, website content, marketing material, promotions and customer correspondence.

    Catherine is dedicated to working with you to help you express how your key skills and achievements align with a company’s strategic requirements and set you apart from the rest of your field. She will then individually tailor your cover letter, resume and selection criteria in plain English to ensure you submit the best application possible to help you secure your dream job.

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  • kylie-micallef

    Kylie De Zilwa

    Resume Writer

    Kylie De Zilwa is a Professional Resume Writer with a background in Recruitment and Career Advising, as well as having worked in the financial services industry.

    She has a solid understanding of a broad range of roles including those in the financial services, engineering, information technology, medical and legal industries. Kylie holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from the University of Western Sydney and Certificate IV in Financial Services.

    Kylie has worked closely with a wide variety of people, assisting them with their employment and career needs. She is passionate about helping people reach their career goals and ensures that their key skills and strengths are highlighted in their resumes so that they are noticed by potential employers. Kylie’s strong writing skills coupled with her creative flare ensure that your resume looks sharp, professional and has a ‘competitive edge’.

    Derived from her experience in career advising, is her ability to carefully identify a person’s key abilities and selling points to convey to a potential employer. She is a strong believer that a resume should not only act as an introduction of one’s self to an employer, but a ‘teaser’ so that they want to find out more and hence agree to meet with them in person. In Kylie’s view, the way your resume is written and presented is the first and most important step towards securing your dream job.

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  • victoria-hay

    Victoria Hay

    Resume Writer

    With 15 years in human resource management, Victoria has had the privilege of supporting career progression and professional development for individuals at all levels across a range of industries.

    She has a Masters in HR Management, which she has applied within leading organisations across the UK and Australia. With a strong belief that engaged employees are the key to an organisation’s success, Victoria has designed and implemented industry leading and award winning programs for Recruitment and Retention, Graduate Development, Leadership Coaching and Talent Management.

    Victoria has developed hundreds of resumes, cover letters and selection criteria for candidates at all levels and stages of their career - from new graduates to senior executives. Her writing style and eye for detail have helped clients from a diverse range of industries, in both public and private sectors, put their best foot forward towards their next career goal.

    Extensive experience in local and international recruitment gives Victoria an excellent insight into what makes candidates stand out from the crowd. Victoria works with her clients to understand their aspirations and to identify organisations that can enable the realisation of those goals. She will showcase your strengths, highlight your achievements and allow employers to recognise the value you will add to their team.

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  • olivia-oNeill

    Olivia O'Neill

    Resume Writer

    Olivia O'Neill is a HR and Recruitment specialist with broad experience that spans two decades. Olivia has consulted and counselled individuals with regard to career direction and development in every role she has held.

    Her experience has been gained predominately within the IT and Financial Services sectors. Preparation and review of resumes has been a core focus of Olivia's throughout her career and after 20 years, she understands intimately, the importance of getting it right. She has an honest and refreshing approach to the resume writing process. Her professionalism, experience and knowledge of the recruitment process in its entirety have helped establish her as a specialist in the field.

    Olivia's approach is to proactively draw out the best an individual has to offer and to articulate this in a way that presents the candidate in the best possible light. Olivia holds a BA (Psych) and is currently completing an MBA.

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  • jeanette-walton

    Jeanette Walton

    Resume Writer

    As a resume writer with a 15+ year career in professional writing and editing, Jeanette has in-depth exposure across a range of industries within both the private and public sector.

    She’s passionate about optimising the written word to benefit the end product, including using it to help others reach their professional goals via high-level career documentation. Whether it’s selection criteria that needs to meet stringent application guidelines or a resume that’s being dusted off after a long-term ‘hiatus’, Jeanette prides herself on producing high-quality written output.

    She enjoys collaborating with each job seeker and/or brand marketer to ensure their key strengths and achievements are drawn out and emphasised. She works closely with each of her clients to ensure their professional needs and ambitions are accurately identified and enmeshed with their skills and abilities.

    Based in Melbourne, Jeanette holds a Bachelor Degree majoring in Professional Writing from Deakin University, as well as a Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing from Box Hill Institute. She is committed to continuing to develop her resume writing capabilities in line with the latest industry standards to benefit each of her customers.

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  • Amanda-Anastasi-final-1

    Amanda Anastasi

    Resume Writer

    Amanda Anastasi is an experienced resume writer and communications specialist who has written hundreds of resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn content for job seekers throughout Australia, Asia, Europe, and the US, encompassing a range of industries for entry, mid-level, and executive-level clients.

    She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing/Literature from Deakin University and is a widely published writer. Amanda has received many awards for her writing work, the most recent being a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship from the State Library of Victoria/Readings Foundation. She brings a background in the arts, literature, events, and education and training, and is currently a Research Associate/Resident Writer at the Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub.

    Skilled in creating concise, well-targeted resumes, Amanda collaborates with clients to effectively draw out transferrable skills to create a compelling resume that stands out from the pile, capturing the individual’s strengths, achievements and unique personality. Amanda brings her creative flair, attention to detail, and active listening skills to meet client needs. She is passionate about helping and providing support to job seekers in achieving their career goals.

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  • Michelle-McCurdy-V2-640x640-1

    Michelle McCurdy

    Resume Writer

    With extensive writing experience and over 15 years’ in marketing communications and corporate writing in Australia and the UK, Michelle works closely with our clients to tailor resumes, cover letters, key selection criteria and LinkedIn profiles across a diverse range of industry sectors.

    She has experience across a range of SME, corporate and government entities with expertise across a broad range of areas including writing, proofreading, editing, and content development for print and online.

    With a degree in Communications, and a qualification in resume writing, Michelle’s approach is to work with you to identify your key skills, experience and achievements to ensure that your application documents stand out and capture the attention of recruiters and hiring mangers during the recruitment process.

    She will craft your cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile to showcase your strengths and highlight your achievements, to give you the best possible chance of landing interviews.

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  • Rachel-Jelley-V2-640x639-1

    Rachel Jelley

    Resume Writer

    Rachel is a communications professional and corporate writer with 15 years’ experience across a range of industries, from financial services to luxury goods and not-for-profit.

    She's written extensively throughout her career, creating content across many different channels including online, print, video and social media. She’s also spent many years working with executive-level management, advising on communications strategies and creating communications that reflect their voice and values.

    Rachel understands that articulating your skills and experience into a resume can be a daunting task for even the most experienced professional. She loves speaking with clients to step through their career history, then translating it into a resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile that’s a well-deserved reflection of their accomplishments.

    Rachel creates resumes that articulate your strengths, experience and achievements in a clear and compelling way, so that employers will instantly recognise the value you’ll bring to a role. She’s also an expert at drawing clear links between your experience and the skill set that employers are looking for, and underlining very clearly how your strengths are ideally suited to an employer’s needs.

    When she’s not writing, you’ll find Rachel in the kitchen, indulging in her other love: all things food and cooking.

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