MBTI® Team Building Workshops

We conduct interactive Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) team building workshops for organisations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and some regional locations across Australia.

The MBTI® instrument is one of the most widely used personality assessment tools in the world, with over 2 million people taking it each year. It is based on over 50 years of research and is used for purposes such as personal development, career counselling, team building, leadership development, executive coaching and relationship counselling.

The Myers-Briggs® instrument assesses employees’ personality preferences based on the following four scales:

Extraversion (E) – Introversion (I)

  • Extraversion – energised by the outside world of people, activity and things
  • Introversion – energised by the inner world of thoughts, feelings and reflections

Sensing (S) – Intuition (N)

  • Sensing – tend to focus on information gathered through the five senses
  • Intuition – tend to look for patterns, meanings and possibilities in the information they receive

Thinking (T) – Feeling (F)

  • Thinking – tend to make decisions based on objective facts and principles
  • Feeling – tend to make decisions based on personal values and feelings

Judging (J) – Perceiving (P)

  • Judging – tend to prefer a more planned and structured lifestyle
  • Perceiving – tend to prefer a more flexible and spontaneous lifestyle

Our MBTI® team building workshop is designed to help:

  • Improve employee’s understanding of their personality type and behaviours
  • Enhance communication between team members and build stronger relationships
  • Increase productivity through making constructive use of individual differences
  • Strengthen team cohesion and decision making
  • Reduce workplace conflict and promote a harmonious work environment
  • Enhance individual and overall team performance.

Half Day Workshop

Participants take the MBTI assessment online before the workshop. They will receive their reports at the workshop. During the workshop, participants will be invited to share their personality type with their team members and participate in a variety of interactive activities.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of their personality type and their behaviours
  • Learn about their natural strengths, work style and areas for development
  • Gain an insight into the different personality types in their team
  • Learn what motivates each personality type in the workplace
  • Learn strategies to communicate and work together more effectively
  • Develop an action plan to build stronger relationships with their colleagues.

Workshops are conducted on-site at your premises or preferred conference venue.

Pricing for Half Day Workshops starts at *$3500 + GST

*All workshops are individually quoted and the fee will vary depending on the workshop location and the number of participants.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a minimum of 5 participants per workshop.

For further information or to obtain a quote, please contact us:

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*Professional interactive feedback and type verification is provided to participants as part of our workshops.


"Katie ran a great half-day workshop with two small teams based in Google Sydney Australia. Every member of the team came away significantly more insightful about what makes their colleagues 'tick'; what new behaviours they may need to adopt as a result of accommodating the needs of different people; and overall were a little more informed about their stress points and natural thinking and behavioural preferences. One team member mentioned "I look forward to applying what we've learned in day-to-day team situations." Another team member mentioned that the behaviour of "different types... was both fascinating and amusingly accurate. It has given me a much greater understanding of how to identify and communicate with different personalities in the future."

Our only regret is that we didn't rollout the course a few months earlier! Personally, I would strongly recommend this workshop for teams that are newly forming and/or in situations where work tasks demand quite diverse behavioural types. That said, it's beneficial to any team and at any point in time."

Joanne Poynton
AdSense Google Australia

Dear Katie,

Thank you very much for facilitating our group on Friday! The Myers-Briggs session was a wonderful exercise and gave everyone a lot of insight into each other and themselves. The activity in looking at ways to work with and appreciate each others differences was invaluable, and I'm sure will help us in achieving our goals! You did a wonderful job in keeping everyone on track and focused.

Erika O'Donnell
Business Unit Manager

Hi Katie,

Thank you for the team building session yesterday. I gained some useful insights and was able to reflect on my preferred style of working and the ways that it can impact on my colleagues. It provided a useful starting point for us to consider more effective ways of working together as well as for working with our clients. You facilitated the session extremely well and did a fine job of managing our group of 'enthusiastic and imaginative' extroverts!

David Wallace
Project Officer
Bobby Goldsmith Foundation

Dear Katie,

Thank you for conducting the Myers Briggs session for our team yesterday. The feedback I received from everyone was tremendous with all commenting that they found it to be extremely beneficial to them. Thanks for doing a great job.

Philip Scarff
Managing Director
Retravision Northern Limited

"Jane Anderson ran a half-day workshop with our divisional leadership team. It was a fantastic opportunity for all leaders to complete the Myers Briggs assessment and to receive a full explanation of their personality type and preferences. Of equal importance, everyone gained an insight into the personality types and working styles of their colleagues. This knowledge will support our team to interact more effectively and efficiently."

Katy Sippe
Strategy Manager
RACQ Insurance


Succinct, punchy and valuable. A great workshop and outcome. Well done!

Rob Duncan
Program Manager
Department of Infrastructure and Planning, QLD Government

"Suzie ran a most enjoyable and insightful 1 hour MBTI workshop. While we wish we had more time we all felt Suzie did a fantastic job explaining how to understand and make the most of our own and each other’s personality type. A really useful eye opening session far exceeding our expectations. Thank you Suzie!"

Justin Diamond
Business Development Manager
Rose-Hip Vital

Dear Katie,

Thank you for organising Annie for our planning/strategy day. The MBTI tool was a hit but more importantly, Annie was a hit. I received very positive feedback about her style which fit our culture well. It really set the scene for a very productive day. Thanks again.

Craig Patch
Innovation Manager
Nu-Mega Ingredients Pty Ltd


"This workshop has been excellent in terms of understanding the dynamics of the team"

"Fun, fascinating and educational"

"I now have a better understanding of the different personalities and how each one interprets a question"

"Excellent course, great content and delivered well"

Quotes from Participants
EnerSys Australia


The context and content of the training is useful and applicable and very beneficial at the workplace as well as at home.

Sudheer Vyas
Horizon Power

Hi Katie,

I have received very positive feedback from all the participants of the workshop! They all say they loved being able to join in. I would like to thank you and Jane Anderson for a job extremely well done. All those who participated have said they took some valuable information away from the workshop, and enjoyed themselves immensely.

Ariane Mandavy
Department of Veterans' Affairs

Hi Katie,

On behalf of the team, I would like to extend my thanks to Suzie for the workshop she facilitated last Friday. Everyone in the team felt she was really good and engaging, and we all came away feeling like we have learnt something. Thanks also, Katie, for your and Debbie's prompt responses to my emails in the course of the last few weeks.

Gayle Dharmaraj
Transport for NSW

"Our training was accessible, non-threatening and fun. We all enjoyed our session – introvert and extrovert alike. Getting to know our colleagues in such a way develops such a wonderful respectful aspect to all our relationships. Thank you Suzie."

"Fantastic workshop! Thank you Suzie for providing us with a highly informative, practical and fun day!"

"Fabulous course thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt a lot. Fabulous presenter – Thanks Suzie. We enjoyed our session!"

Quotes from Participants
Snowy Hydro

"Many thanks Suzie, your ability to provide our group with an insight into our ourselves individually and as a team has opened a number of people’s eyes to working better and more empathically with each other. For that many thanks."

Craige Sloots
Manager Business Strategy
Southern Cross Cable Network

"Today's workshop was surprisingly beneficial. I am able to use the new skills I have learnt today in everyday work situations. Suzie was lovely and extremely knowledgeable. I had a great day!"

Nicci Cromb
Baxter Laboratories


"This was a fantastic session! It really helped our team to better understand each other."

"Awesome day, thank you"

Quotes from participants
Flight Centre, Brisbane

"I highly recommend the MBTI team building workshop for creating awareness within small teams and for large companies."

Workshop Participant
Sydney Festival

"The MBTI was a great workshop in identifying the different personalities and how to work better with them."

"This is my first experience with the MBTI - it has helped me to get to know my colleagues much better."

Quotes from Participants
Jones Lang LaSalle

"The half day workshop opened up lines of communication with the team, people gained insights that will help us perform effectively to move forward and collaborate. The workshop was very well managed by Jackie and it was exactly what I had hoped for."

Simon Hibbs
New Era Cap Australia Pty Ltd


"Great workshop! I've learnt about my own strengths and can be aware of them when working with others."

"It was a very enjoyable session and really interesting."

"The MBTI team building day has been beneficial in learning my strengths, blind spots and how these impact my decisions through work and personal relationships."

Quotes from Participants
Seven Hills State School

"Suzie was fantastic. The training session was highly informative, fun and with immediate results. Great team bonding exercise."

Sinead Connolly
Lotus People


"The workshop was well organised, informative and well presented."

Workshop Participant
Western Sydney Local Health District

"Karen Bremner knows her subject matter and presented it very well."

"I really enjoyed Karen's insights."

Quotes from Participants
Property Council of Australia


"A very practical and thought-provoking workshop that assists both the individual in terms of self awareness and the team in improving communication and effectiveness."

"A useful process to help understand your own and your colleagues' personalities and behaviours."

"Good session which required considerable thought and future action."

Quotes from Participants
Taurus Funds Management


"Learnt a lot about how to better work with my co-workers and help better my standing in the business and desire to work."

"Great session, learnt a lot, would highly recommend."

Quotes from Participants
BBC Studios


"Very interesting workshop for our team. Great way to get together and learn how to work more effectively together."

Quote from Participant
Tenaris Global Services Australia

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