Employee Engagement

1. ‘The People Glue Program’

 Managers and Leaders
Delivery Method: Face-to-Face or Self-Paced Online Learning
Duration: From one hour up to one day

Not everyone is born a natural leader or knows how to motivate and engage their team. It’s therefore vital that organisations ensure their managers and leaders are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to unlock their employees’ potential, so they can maximise engagement and motivation within their team.

We are proud to have partnered with employee engagement speaker and expert, Ian Hutchinson, founder of ‘Life by Design’, in providing the ‘People Glue Program’ for you. Ian is the author of the book ‘People Glue: Employee Engagement & Staff Retention Strategies That Stick’ and was awarded ‘Educator of the Year’ by Professional Speakers Australia. He has over 20 years’ experience educating and training leaders at many of Australia’s Best Employers as well as at most of Australia’s top ten companies.

Key Learnings & Outcomes

This program will help transform your people leaders’ abilities to better engage and motivate their people, as well as provide them with:

  • A clear understanding of the 7 employee engagement drivers and what to do about them
  • The skills & resources to effectively implement Employee Driven Engagement with ease
  • The ability to see how 80% of employee engagement can be driven by the employee rather than the organisation
  • The best low-cost ways of engaging talent in a rapidly changing environment
  • The ability to develop their own Personal Engagement Plan (PEP) to improve their own motivation
  • The tools to create a customised Team Engagement Plan (TEP) to maximise team engagement and performance
  • Strategies on how to create a team that is responsible for its own motivation, engagement and performance
  • Effective quick-win systems and tools that will improve employee driven productivity and performance simply
  • Optional post-program webinars and 12-week e-learning programs to maintain the momentum and fully support implementation moving forward.

This program compliments and ideally works hand-in-hand with the ‘Self-Leadership: Unlocking Employees’ Potential in Work & Life’ program below.

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2. ‘Self-Leadership: Unlocking Employees’ Potential in Work & Life’

For: Employees and Individuals
Delivery Method: Face-to-Face or Self-Paced Online Learning
Duration: From one hour up to one day

This program, now run for over 50,000 employees, helps individuals unlock their work and life potential. In doing so, it is a catalyst to maximising their motivation, performance and productivity and creating a more self-responsible culture.

Seldom do individuals get the time to just stop and refocus on themselves – their work, life, general motivation and what they truly want. This self-leadership program allows employees to take more control of their own job fulfilment, work life balance and personal cash flow management. This ‘self-responsibility approach’ helps both individuals and organisations succeed in maximising employee engagement and motivation.

Key Learnings & Outcomes

This program will provide your employees with an opportunity to:

  • Develop their own Personal Engagement Plan (PEP) for maximising engagement and motivation
  • Understand that they can control more in their life and work than they ever thought possible
  • Take more responsibility for their work life balance, job fulfilment and personal finances
  • Implement simple strategies for improving their work fulfilment by as much as 90%
  • Create an individual development plan for improved discussions with their manager in the review process.

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