Career Development Programs

We provide one-on-one career development programs for employees at organisations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and regional locations across Australia. Our career development programs are tailored to suit employees’ needs, level of experience and industry background.

Our Career Coaches are experts in their field and have a wealth of experience working with employees from entry level up to senior management. They have worked with employees across a wide range of industries in both the public and private sectors.

Our career development programs will help your organisation:

  • Empower employees to take charge of their career
  • Engage and retain high performing employees
  • Motivate employees to develop their knowledge and skills
  • Prepare employees to apply for internal roles and promotions
  • Teach future leaders how to build their personal brand and maximise their potential
  • Help disengaged/under-performing employees to self-select out
  • Improve overall employee satisfaction

As part of our career development programs, we can help your employees:

  • Identify the job roles that best suit their interests, values and personality
  • Develop strategies to achieve their career goals
  • Identify and assess their transferable skills and strengths
  • Uncover any skill or knowledge gaps
  • Identify suitable courses and opportunities to develop their knowledge
  • Develop a professional resume that highlights their key skills and achievements
  • Prepare job application documents such as cover letters, statements of claim and responses to selection criteria
  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile that showcases their key accomplishments
  • Prepare for job interviews and learn how to sell themselves effectively
  • Identify and overcome barriers to success
  • Develop an action plan to help them move forward with their career

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